Poll: Okanagan - Boundary BC Legislative Assembly - 2013 General Election
3 candidates will be elected with 46 ballots cast.
Note:These results are not predicted BC-STV outcomes. On this site, anyone anywhere can vote many times. The goal here is to show how the votes are counted.
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  Mischa Popoff (Conservative)Carole Gordon (NDP)Richard Cannings (NDP)Ben Stewart (Liberal) Brian Guillou (Conservative)Dan Ashton (Liberal)Linda Larson (Liberal)Sam Hancheroff (NDP)Doug Pederson (Independent)Doug Maxwell (BC First)None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count12976432111012
Transfers from
Mischa Popoff (Conservative)
Round 2 Count12976432111012
Transfers from
Doug Maxwell (BC First)
Round 3 Count12976442110012
Transfers from
Sam Hancheroff (NDP)
Round 4 Count12986442010012
Transfers from
Doug Pederson (Independent)
Round 5 Count12986452000012
Transfers from
Linda Larson (Liberal)
   1 1      
Round 6 Count12987460000012
Transfers from
Brian Guillou (Conservative)
   3      1 
Round 7 Count129810060000112
Transfers from
Dan Ashton (Liberal)
Round 8 Count129915000000112
Transfers from
Ben Stewart (Liberal)
 11       1 
Round 9 Count12101012000000212

Ballots cast: 46

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