Poll: Columbia-Kootenay BC Legislative Assembly - 2013 General Election
4 candidates will be elected with 71 ballots cast.
Note:These results are not predicted BC-STV outcomes. On this site, anyone anywhere can vote many times. The goal here is to show how the votes are counted.
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  Sjeng Derkx (Green)Earl Olsen (Conservative)Bill Bennett (Liberal)Greg Garbula (Liberal)Michelle Mungall (NDP)Norm MacDonald (NDP)Katrine Conroy (NDP)Doug Clovechok (Liberal)Norma Blissett (NDP)None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count19187665541015
Transfers from
Sjeng Derkx (Green)
    1.470.421.26 0.84  
Round 2 Count1518767.475.426.2641.84015
Transfers from
Earl Olsen (Conservative)
Round 3 Count15157.56.337.475.596.434.52.011.1715
Transfers from
Norma Blissett (NDP)
   0.210.380.42 1   
Round 4 Count15157.56.547.856.016.435.501.1715
Transfers from
Doug Clovechok (Liberal)
  2.172.33 1     
Round 5 Count15159.678.887.857.016.43001.1715
Transfers from
Katrine Conroy (NDP)
  0.17 3.053.21     
Round 6 Count15159.838.8810.910.220001.1715
Transfers from
Greg Garbula (Liberal)
  6.67      2.21 
Round 7 Count151516.5010.910.220003.3815
Transfers from
Bill Bennett (Liberal)
    0.410.62   0.47 
Round 8 Count151515011.3110.840003.8515

Ballots cast: 71

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