Poll: Tri-Cities BC Legislative Assembly - 2013 General Election
4 candidates will be elected with 35 ballots cast.
Note:These results are not predicted BC-STV outcomes. On this site, anyone anywhere can vote many times. The goal here is to show how the votes are counted.
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  Shane Kennedy(Conservative)Jeff Monds (Libertarian)Mike Farnworth (NDP)Billie Helps (Green)Paul Geddes (Libertarian)Barbara Lu (Liberal)Linda Reimer (Liberal)Edward Stanbrough (Green)Chris Wilson (NDP)Selina Robinson (NDP)Douglas Horne (Liberal)Steve Kim (Liberal)Joe Trasolini (NDP)Brent Williams(YPP)None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count12543322211000008
Transfers from
Shane Kennedy(Conservative)
 0.67  0.330.33    0.670.33 1.67  
Round 2 Count85.67433.332.3322110.670.3301.6708
Transfers from
Steve Kim (Liberal)
Round 3 Count85.67433.332.6722110.67001.6708
Transfers from
Douglas Horne (Liberal)
Round 4 Count85.67433.332.672.672110001.6708
Transfers from
Selina Robinson (NDP)
Round 5 Count85.67433.332.672.672200001.6708
Transfers from
Brent Williams(YPP)
 0.33 0.67   0.67        
Round 6 Count8643.673.332.672.672.6720000008
Transfers from
Chris Wilson (NDP)
Round 7 Count8654.673.332.672.672.6700000008
Transfers from
Edward Stanbrough (Green)
 1 1.67            
Round 8 Count8756.333.332.672.67000000008
Transfers from
Linda Reimer (Liberal)
Round 9 Count8756.333.335.330000000008
Transfers from
Paul Geddes (Libertarian)
Round 10 Count810.3356.3305.330000000008
Transfers from
Jeff Monds (Libertarian)
  0.230.53 1.35        0.23 
Round 11 Count885.236.8606.69000000000.238
Transfers from
Mike Farnworth (NDP)
   1 1.23        3 
Round 12 Count8807.8607.91000000003.238

Ballots cast: 35

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