Poll: Richmond - Delta BC Legislative Assembly - 2013 General Election
5 candidates will be elected with 63 ballots cast.
Note:These results are not predicted BC-STV outcomes. On this site, anyone anywhere can vote many times. The goal here is to show how the votes are counted.
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  Nathaniel Lim (Conservative) Carol Day (Conservative) Mike Donovan (Unparty)Michael Wolfe (Green)Vicki Huntington (Indep)Nic Slater (NDP) Tinku Parmar (Conservative)Scott Hamilton (Liberal)Bruce McDonald (Liberal)Teresa Wat (Liberal)Linda Reid (Liberal)Frank Yunrong Huang (NDP)Gian Sihota (NDP)Scott Stewart (NDP)Jerome Dickey (Green)Sylvia Bishop (NDP)Ping Chan (Green) Chanel Donovan (Unparty)John Yap (Liberal)Gary law (Indep)None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count88765443322222211100011
Transfers from
Sylvia Bishop (NDP)
Round 2 Count88765443322322201100011
Transfers from
Chanel Donovan (Unparty)
Round 3 Count88865443322322201000011
Transfers from
Ping Chan (Green)
Round 4 Count88865443322322300000011
Transfers from
Teresa Wat (Liberal)
Round 5 Count88865444402322300000011
Transfers from
Linda Reid (Liberal)
Round 6 Count88865445500322300000011
Transfers from
Scott Stewart (NDP)
     1     1          
Round 7 Count88865545500420300000011
Transfers from
Gian Sihota (NDP)
Round 8 Count88865545500600300000011
Transfers from
Jerome Dickey (Green)
   2 1                
Round 9 Count88885645500600000000011
Transfers from
Tinku Parmar (Conservative)
11      1           1 
Round 10 Count99885605600600000000111
Transfers from
Scott Hamilton (Liberal)
Round 11 Count998856001100600000000111
Transfers from
Bruce McDonald (Liberal)
Round 12 Count998856001100600000000111
Transfers from
Vicki Huntington (Indep)
 1 1       1        2 
Round 13 Count9108906001100700000000311
Transfers from
Nic Slater (NDP)
           5        1 
Round 14 Count91089000011001200000000411
Transfers from
Frank Yunrong Huang (NDP)
   0.67                0.33 
Round 15 Count91089.670000110011000000004.3311
Transfers from
Mike Donovan (Unparty)
5                   3 
Round 16 Count141009.670000110011000000007.3311

Ballots cast: 63

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