Poll: Mid-Island BC Legislative Assembly - 2013 General Election - Updated April 20, 2013
4 candidates will be elected with 53 ballots cast.
Note:These results are not predicted BC-STV outcomes. On this site, anyone anywhere can vote many times. The goal here is to show how the votes are counted.
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  Leonard Krog (NDP)Doug Routley (NDP)Ian Gartshore (Green) John Sherry (Conservative)Kerry Davis (Green)Michelle Stilwell (Liberal)Walter Anderson (Liberal) Bryce Crigger (Conservative)Steve Housser (Liberal)Gerri Schmidt (Green) Brunie Brunie(Independent) Damir Wallener (Conservative)Bill Routley (NDP)Barry Avis (NDP)Mayo McDonough (Green) David Coupland (Conservative)None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count9666543322221110011
Transfers from
Barry Avis (NDP)
Round 2 Count9666543322222010011
Transfers from
Mayo McDonough (Green)
Round 3 Count9666553322222000011
Transfers from
Bill Routley (NDP)
    1           1 
Round 4 Count9666653322220000111
Transfers from
Steve Housser (Liberal)
 1    1           
Round 5 Count9766654302220000111
Transfers from
Gerri Schmidt (Green)
 1  1             
Round 6 Count9866754300220000111
Transfers from
Damir Wallener (Conservative)
Round 7 Count9866754500200000111
Transfers from
Brunie Brunie(Independent)
   1   1          
Round 8 Count9867754600000000111
Transfers from
Walter Anderson (Liberal)
Round 9 Count9867790600000000111
Transfers from
Bryce Crigger (Conservative)
   5 1            
Round 10 Count986127100000000000111
Transfers from
John Sherry (Conservative)
 0.080.25 0.170.5            
Round 11 Count98.086.25117.1710.50000000000111
Transfers from
Ian Gartshore (Green)
2   4.25             
Round 12 Count118.0801111.4210.50000000000111
All remaining candidates are elected. Transfers will be made to equalize their numbers of votes.
Transfers from
Kerry Davis (Green)
 0.36              0.05 
Round 13 Count118.450111110.500000000001.0511
Transfers from
Leonard Krog (NDP)
Round 14 Count118.450111110.500000000001.0511

Ballots cast: 53

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