Poll: Fraser Valley East BC Legislative Assembly - 2013 General Election - Updated April 20, 2013
5 candidates will be elected with 36 ballots cast.
Note:These results are not predicted BC-STV outcomes. On this site, anyone anywhere can vote many times. The goal here is to show how the votes are counted.
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  Mike de Jong (Liberal) Chad Eros (Conservative)Mark Stad (Libertarian)Sukhi Dhami (NDP)Aird Flavelle (Green)Laurie Throness (Liberal)Stephen O'Shea (Green) John van Dongen(Independent) Don Stahl (Conservative) Paul Redekop (Conservative)John Martin (Liberal)Lakhvinder Jhaj (NDP)Kim Reimer (Green) Wendy Bales(Independent) Roman Bojczuk (Independent) Michael Henshall (Conservative)Simon Gibson (Liberal)Darryl Plecas (Liberal)Preet Rai (NDP)Patti MacAhonic (NDP)Gwen O'Mahoney (NDP) Moe Gill (Independent) Marcus Halliday (Excalibur) Kerry-Lynn Osbourne (Excalibur) Michael Halliday (Excalibur)None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count644332222211111100000000007
Transfers from
Michael Henshall (Conservative)
Round 2 Count644332223211111000000000007
Transfers from
John Martin (Liberal)
Round 3 Count644332223201121000000000007
Transfers from
Roman Bojczuk (Independent)
Round 4 Count644332233201120000000000007
Transfers from
Kim Reimer (Green)
Round 5 Count644332333201020000000000007
Transfers from
Lakhvinder Jhaj (NDP)
Round 6 Count644332333200020000000000017
Transfers from
Wendy Bales(Independent)
Round 7 Count644332344200000000000000017
Transfers from
Paul Redekop (Conservative)
 1      1                  
Round 8 Count654332345000000000000000017
Transfers from
Laurie Throness (Liberal)
Round 9 Count854330345000000000000000017
Transfers from
Mike de Jong (Liberal)   0.25                  
Round 10 Count75.
Transfers from
Stephen O'Shea (Green)
Round 11 Count75.
Transfers from
Sukhi Dhami (NDP)
    3                    0.13 
Round 12 Count75.254.2509.130045.2500000000000000001.137
Transfers from
Aird Flavelle (Green)
       0.49                 1.63 
Round 13 Count75.254.2507004.495.2500000000000000002.767
Transfers from
Mark Stad (Libertarian)
 2     0.132.13                  
Round 14 Count77.25007004.627.3800000000000000002.767

Ballots cast: 36

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