Poll: Burnaby - New Westminster BC Legislative Assembly - 2013 General Election
5 candidates will be elected with 70 ballots cast.
Note:These results are not predicted BC-STV outcomes. On this site, anyone anywhere can vote many times. The goal here is to show how the votes are counted.
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  Wayne Marklund (Conservative)James Crosty (Independent)Kathy Corrigan (NDP)Lewis Dahlby (Libertarian)Jane Shin (NDP)Judy Darcy (NDP)Rick McGowan (Green)Paul Forseth (Conservative)Wyatt Tessari (Green)Terry Teather (Green)Richard Lee (Liberal)Raj Chouhan (NDP)Janet Routledge (NDP)Shian Gu (Liberal)Jeff Kuah (Liberal)Ken Kramer (Liberal)Hector Bremner (Liberal) Carrie McLaren(Green)None of theseNeed to win
Round 1 Count1298844443322211111012
Transfers from
Wayne Marklund (Conservative)
Round 2 Count1298844443322211111012
Transfers from
Ken Kramer (Liberal)
Round 3 Count1298844443322211021012
Transfers from
Carrie McLaren(Green)
Round 4 Count1298844543322211020012
Transfers from
Shian Gu (Liberal)
Round 5 Count1298844543332201020012
Transfers from
Jeff Kuah (Liberal)
Round 6 Count1298944543332200020012
Transfers from
Hector Bremner (Liberal)
Round 7 Count1298944543352200000012
Transfers from
Janet Routledge (NDP)
         1 1        
Round 8 Count1298944543453000000012
Transfers from
Raj Chouhan (NDP)
Round 9 Count1298956543450000000012
Transfers from
Wyatt Tessari (Green)
 1  1    1          
Round 10 Count12108966540550000000012
Transfers from
Paul Forseth (Conservative)
  12      1         
Round 11 Count121091166500560000000012
Transfers from
Terry Teather (Green)
   1 12   1         
Round 12 Count121091267700070000000012
Transfers from
Lewis Dahlby (Libertarian)
Round 13 Count121091267700070000000012
Transfers from
Jane Shin (NDP)
  1  23             
Round 14 Count12101012091000070000000012
Transfers from
Richard Lee (Liberal)
 41   1           1 
Round 15 Count12141112091100000000000112
Transfers from
James Crosty (Independent)
  0.29   0.29           1.43 
Round 16 Count121211.29120911.29000000000002.4312
Transfers from
Judy Darcy (NDP)
  7   1           1 
Round 17 Count121218.29120012.29000000000003.4312

Ballots cast: 70

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