Vancouver West
BC Legislative Assembly - 2013 General Election
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6 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Damian Kettlewell (Green)
[add/drop] Francoise Raunet (Green)
[add/drop] Daniel Tseghay (Green)
[add/drop] Regan Zhang (Green)
[add/drop] Jodie Emery (Green)
[add/drop] Matthew Pedley (Green)
[add/drop] Ian Tootill (Conservative)
[add/drop] Duane Nickull (Conservative)
[add/drop] Sam Sullivan (Liberal)
[add/drop] Andrew Wilkinson (Liberal)
[add/drop] Scott Harrison (Liberal)
[add/drop] Christy Clark (Liberal)
[add/drop] Moira Stilwell (Liberal)
[add/drop] Margaret MacDiarmid (Liberal)
[add/drop] Mathew Kagis (Work Less)
[add/drop] Hollis Linschoten (Work Less)
[add/drop] Spencer Herbert (NDP)
[add/drop] Nicholas Scapillati (NDP)
[add/drop] Matt Toner (NDP)
[add/drop] George Hayman (NDP)
[add/drop] David Eby (NDP)
[add/drop] George Chow (NDP)
[add/drop] James Filippelli (YPP)
[add/drop] Sal Vetro(BC First)
[add/drop] William Gibbens (Independent)
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