Fraser Valley East
BC Legislative Assembly - 2013 General Election - Updated April 20, 2013
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5 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Stephen O'Shea (Green)
[add/drop] Aird Flavelle (Green)
[add/drop] Kim Reimer (Green)
[add/drop] Marcus Halliday (Excalibur)
[add/drop] Michael Halliday (Excalibur)
[add/drop] Kerry-Lynn Osbourne (Excalibur)
[add/drop] Mark Stad (Libertarian)
[add/drop] Paul Redekop (Conservative)
[add/drop] Michael Henshall (Conservative)
[add/drop] Chad Eros (Conservative)
[add/drop] Don Stahl (Conservative)
[add/drop] Darryl Plecas (Liberal)
[add/drop] Laurie Throness (Liberal)
[add/drop] John Martin (Liberal)
[add/drop] Mike de Jong (Liberal)
[add/drop] Simon Gibson (Liberal)
[add/drop] Preet Rai (NDP)
[add/drop] Sukhi Dhami (NDP)
[add/drop] Lakhvinder Jhaj (NDP)
[add/drop] Gwen O'Mahoney (NDP)
[add/drop] Patti MacAhonic (NDP)
[add/drop] Moe Gill (Independent)
[add/drop] John van Dongen(Independent)
[add/drop] Wendy Bales(Independent)
[add/drop] Roman Bojczuk (Independent)
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