DemoChoice Poll Setup

Create your own poll! With DemoChoice, you can conduct anything from a quick survey to a full-featured election with security and multiple questions of different types.

DemoChoice polls can help make decisions among friends, family, or coworkers that are fair and conclusive. They are a fun way to spread the word about ranked-choice voting methods.

Basic setup
Your name:
Your email:
If you enter an email address, you will receive instructions allowing you
to edit your poll. Your email address will be used only with regard to
your poll. It's OK to leave this blank if you aren't using voter registration.
The label is a short file identifier that must be unique.
Only letters and numbers are allowed.
Number of candidates to elect:
Polls may be deleted a week or two after they expire.
Voter Registration
Enter the email addresses of those registered to vote (up to 600).
If you want to allow anyone to vote, leave this empty.
Addresses are used only to confirm votes.
Be sure to read the instructions!

Use registration keys [read this first!]
Optional fancy features for sophisticated users
Preferred ballot type:
no sorting
horizontal grid
vertical grid
yes or no
periodically shuffle candidate order
Preferred results display:
  bar charts
numerical table
pie charts
summary bar chart
(to next poll)
The link is the label of another poll to direct voters
to after they have cast their votes in this poll.
Ballot type for link:
Shuffle candidates on link ballot
Voters from:
If you are linking several polls with registered voters,
you only have to maintain a voter list in one of them.
Specify that poll's label here if it's not this one.
Enter up to 32 candidates.
They will appear in random order on the ballot,
except as specified in the Fancy Features section.

Hide poll from directory
Hide results until expiration
Allow ads

Please check your poll for mistakes.
Be sure to read the disclaimer below.

If you need more features than are allowed by this form, such as more candidates, candidate photos or links, or more than 600 registered voters, send us a request.

General disclaimer: The creators and sponsors of DemoChoice assume no responsibility or liability for the security or accuracy of these polls, or of information submitted to the site. Polls may be removed at the webmaster's discretion. Data from expired polls appearing in the directory may be made public to facilitate development of new software and election methods.

Polls are likely to be removed if they receive no votes (or only a few) for a significant period of time. Please actively promote your poll!

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