Capital Region
BC Legislative Assembly - 2009 General Election
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7 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Robert (Bob) Savage (Refed)
[add/drop] Jesse McClinton (Liberal)
[add/drop] Murray Coell (Liberal)
[add/drop] Dallas Henault (Liberal)
[add/drop] Ida Chong (Liberal)
[add/drop] Robin Adair (Liberal)
[add/drop] Jody Twa (Liberal)
[add/drop] Carl Ratsoy (Liberal)
[add/drop] Saul Andersen (Independent)
[add/drop] Douglas Christie (Western Canada Concept)
[add/drop] Maurine Karagianis (NDP)
[add/drop] Lana Popham (NDP)
[add/drop] Gary Holman (NDP)
[add/drop] John Horgan (NDP)
[add/drop] Jessica Van der Veen (NDP)
[add/drop] Carole James (NDP)
[add/drop] Rob Fleming (NDP)
[add/drop] David Wright (Green)
[add/drop] Brian Gordon (Green)
[add/drop] Steven Johns (Green)
[add/drop] Tom Bradfield (Green)
[add/drop] Jane Sterk (Green)
[add/drop] Adam Saab (Green)
[add/drop] James Powell (Green)
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