Burnaby - New Westminster
BC Legislative Assembly - 2009 General Election
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5 candidates will be elected.
[add/drop] Dan Cancade (Libertarian)
[add/drop] Jarelle Hepburn (Refed)
[add/drop] Harry Bloy (Liberal)
[add/drop] Lee Rankin (Liberal)
[add/drop] Carole Millar (Liberal)
[add/drop] John Nuraney (Liberal)
[add/drop] Richard Lee (Liberal)
[add/drop] Mondee Redman (NDP)
[add/drop] Jaynie Clark (NDP)
[add/drop] Kathy Corrigan (NDP)
[add/drop] Dawn Black (NDP)
[add/drop] Raj Chouhan (NDP)
[add/drop] Matthew Laird (Green)
[add/drop] Carrie McLaren (Green)
[add/drop] Doug Perry (Green)
[add/drop] Helen H. S. Chang (Green)
[add/drop] Bruce Friesen (Green)
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